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Welcome to my blog. Here I bring traditional Bengali cuisines along with recipes from all over India… 1,939 total views, no views today Facebook Commentsambarish Ambarish Pandey is a professional in IT Industry. Apart from his daily IT works he is interested in various other activities.A social worker and feminist and a true believer in equal rights for all. Nov 20, 2012 · I'm Deeganta Banerjee. I miss Kolkata, and the thing I miss the most is the authentic Bengali food. My story like many of you, four years of hostel life and then working in Mumbai, I was tired of eating out at restaurants e... Mulo Diye Bulir Dal Recipe - Learn how to make Mulo Diye Bulir Dal Step by Step, Prep Time, Cook Time. Find all ingredients and method to cook Mulo Diye Bulir Dal with reviews.Mulo Diye Bulir Dal Recipe by Arpita MajumderBong's Special Paanch Meshali Tarkari or Mixed Vegetable Some delightful authentic Bengali dishes are made with only few no of spices. But the taste and the look always give us pleasure. Ilish Macher Jhol: This dish is prepared withHilsa fish in Mustard oil which leaves a tingly flavour in the mouth.You can make it with any thing.We don't mind at all. Fish is our love. Bengalis have an undying love for Biriyani too. Many people around the world eat fish, but very few people know the art of eating fish head! Bengali people are the prominent fish-eating community of the wo... This alu -potol diye maacher jhol is a soupy, runny gravy of fish and vegetables.Suited best for hot summer afternoons it is a delight when mixed with rice and a squeeze of lime. It is also my Ma-in-law's recipe as proffered by the husband.Cooking Bengali Flavours - Hiran B Debnath, Mumbai, India. 1.2K likes. Page is for people who loves homemade food. We will mainly showcase Bengali recipes along with recipes we adopted from different...Two in one Brownie Butter cake is one of the most eye catching,moist and delicious cake i ever had...You will get in one platform a chewy chocolaty Brownie and super delicious buttery cake..Puti Macher Jhal Daabh Chingri Mulo Chingri Mulo pata bata chingri diye Lau Chingri Chingrir Dal Ol (Elephant foot yam) chingri Siddo Makha Ol (Elephant foot yam) Chingri Dalna Lau er khosha bata Chingri diye Illish macher begun diye jhol Gondhoraj Bhetki Dim Kasha Red Spinach fry with Anchovies Bhetki Kalia Tangra Macher Jhol PyajNon-vegetarian: dimer dalna 68, rui macher dimer bora(1pc) 45,echor chingri 85,bandhakopi chingri 70,lau chingri 70, chingri malaikari 95. begun bharta 45,muri ghonto 75, rosuna puruga 55, macher muro die khichuri 85Jan 28, 2016 · Bhetki macher matha diye lau ghanto Bhetki Mach or bekti fish /red snapper is quite common and popular fish to all fish n my husband we r truly fish lovers....I personally love bhetki fish too a Bengali our staple food rice n fish curry..not only fish we r the Bengali made different delicious recipes wth fish head....just chchra chchori ghanto etc..all this item could be ... Bengali moong dal recipe simple bhaja muger dry roasted bhaja muger dal bengali style mung moong dal recipe traditional bengali bhaja mooger bhaja muger dal recipe por bengali style moong masala trails with smita deoPics of : Simple Bengali Moong Dal Recipe Simple Bhaja Muger Dal Bengali Style Dry Roasted... Lau patay ilish paturi recipe, famous bengali fish recipe, How To Cook Hilsa Fish &Bottle Gourd Leaf - Duration: 4 minutes, 17 seconds.Scratching Canvas is a cooking and food photography blog with step by step easy recipes and detailed video recipes. While Indian and traditional Bengali recipes dominate this food blog many international cuisines are also available here. Macher matha diye Bandhakopir Torkari (Bong-style Cabbage Curry with Fish Head) I am almost a cat when it comes to fish. So wasting fish-head is an absolutely no no for me :) I am a huge fan of "macher muro" ...ifts To Kolkata is a premium online service for sending gifts to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India from anywhere in the world and to get selected items related to Bengal when you are away from home. Sep 15, 2016 · We mostly buy whole Ruhu or Katla Fish every week and as a result the fish head are available every time. So I end up with preparing ‘Macher Matha dea Bhaja Mooger Dal’, ‘Macher Matha dea Cholar Dal’ or sometimes ‘Muro Ghonto’. I already have shared both the fish head recipes with lentils mentioned above. Visit the post for more. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Chalkumro pata die Chingri macher Bati Tarkari (Prawns steamed with Mustard and Ash gourd leaves) Chalkuro patay Chingri Paturi (Prawns cooked in Ash Gourd leaf) So this time when after the operation of my uncle my masimoni chopped the gourd to cook I dint waste any time and was ready with my camera. Traditional Bengali Food. 23,185 likes · 8 talking about this. Bengali Traditional Food ... Macher Muro diye Moong Dal. Ingredients: Moong Dal - 1 cup Macher Muro ... Fry for 2 minutes on medium heat. Add boiled dal and let come to boil. Then add macher muro to dal and boil for 8-10 minutes on medium heat. Add sugar and adjust salt to taste ...Ilish Macher Matha or Muro Diye Munger Dal is a traditional Bengali recipe. Since both the fish and the lentil have beautiful flavor and aroma of their own, we wouldn't be using a lot of spices. This is a very simple recipe and goes great with steamed rice. Serve it for lunch then take a nap!Lau Chingri - Popular Bengali Recipe Bottle Gourd With Prawn Curry . #VEGETABLE . ... Fulkopi Diye Rui Macher Jhol . #PANEER . 1 month ago. Paneer Manchurian Recipe ... Sobji diye bhaja muger dal recipe bengali style moong with winter vegetables bhaja muger dal recipe por bengali style moong masala trails with smita deo bhaja muger dal bengali style mung sobji diye bhaja muger dal recipe bengali style moong with vegetablesPics of : Bengali Moong Dal Recipe In Hindi... Methods of How to make Chanchra or Pui Shak Diye Macher Mathar recipe: 1. Marinate the Rui fish head with ¼ tsp salt and ¼ tsp turmeric powder. Keep it for 5 min. 2. Heat the pan and add mustard oil in it. Fry the fish head properly. Keep aside. 3. Fry the vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, pointed gourd, and brinjal. Keep the flame high mode.Sep 05, 2019 · Sorshe bata (mustard paste) diye Mach (fish) is a staple for Bengali. I truly love every form of bengali fish curry from Jhol to Kaliya with some steamed rice. My mom makes this Sorshe bata diye Mach very often but I have never tried it with onion, ginger and garlic. Many people around the world eat fish, but very few people know the art of eating fish head! Bengali people are the prominent fish-eating community of the wo...alu fulkopi diye rui mach bengali fish curry bengali macher jhol bengali recipe bengali rohu fish curry bengali rui macher jhol fish fish curry rohu fish curry with potato and cauloflower. Alu Fulkopi Diye Rui/katla Macher Jhol: Bengali Rohu/Katla Fish Curry With Potato And Cauliflower.Oct 21, 2011 · Serves : 6 Ingredients: 6 medium Crabs(with body approx. 3 cms diameter), raw or pre-boiled 2 medium sized Potatoes, diced 2 small onions, chopped Muro Diye Kochur Loti (Bengali-Style Mishmash of Colocasia Stolons with Fish Heads). People hardly know about Kochur Loti or Colocasia stolons in Mumbai, which is a jewel ingredient in Bengali cuisine. Earlier this year, I was fortunate to stumble upon a thelawalla from Bihar who understood what it is, and promised me to bring some Loti the next week.Download Songs Wapking Cc Cricket Videos only for review course, Buy Cassette or CD / VCD original from the album Wapking Cc Cricket Videos or use Personal Tone / I-RING / Ring Back Tone in recognition that they can still work to create other new songs. Rui fish and bandhakopi , I mean cabbage is a fantastic way how fish is incorporated in a normal vegetables stir/fry.Then there is a green leafy variation of making it with Malabar spinach/puin called as Puin Shak'er chorchori and again Ilish/hilsa fish head and cabbage preparation - Ilish mach diye bandhakopir chenchra .